Hey Church Family!

We have made it to our first day of VBS and work here at ACE in Galina, Jamaica! We had a wild and energetic VBS this morning at Water Valley Primary School, and 40 children came to hear about the Genesis Creation story (Tommi Odom led), do some amazing crafts (Kathy Sheffield led), and fun rec time (Liberty Church, the other group here, led this alongside our group leaders Faith Galloway, Steven Lacey, Sy Odom, Anna Claire Sheffield, and Ely Odom). Maegan Ellzey and Hope Galloway hung out with all the babies in the nursery, ages 3-5 years, and taught Bible stories and did crafts and games. Guy Odom and I (Logan) moved around and helped when needed. It was a great morning, and we are expected to grow in numbers over the next two days.

In the afternoon, we painted a house (it was 10ft.x10ft) for a man named Quiet. We learned that plywood soaks up a ton of paint, and that not everyone in the world lives like we do. However, God is the God of this world, and He loves each and every one of us, no matter how few worldly possessions we may have. It was a powerful afternoon and day as a whole. Our team is learning to help when needed, speak to and love on everyone we come into contact with, and love the global Church.

We hope as you follow along you begin to see what amazing things ACE is doing here in Jamaica. If you would like, you can look on their website aceexperience.org to see what they are doing here! Tomorrow, we are loading rocks, learning about bee-keeping, and visiting The Infirmary (don’t worry, we’re all ok).

Here’s to another day of seeing God work here in Jamaica!

Logan Ellzey