Hello Church Family!

We are right in the middle of the week here in Jamaica, which means we are nearing the back half of our mission trip. However, this trip has been so good for our team, and everyone is having a fantastic time! Here is what we did today:

This morning was our second day of VBS at Water Valley Primary School, and we had over 50 kids show up and participate in crafts, Bible Stories, and Rec. It was fantastic getting to see the children again, and some began to open up to various team members. For lunch, we had pb&j’s and fresh pineapple.

This afternoon was a bit of a doozy. First, the team went to a home that had extra rocks to be moved. Yes, rocks. Jamaicans use rocks for the foundation to save on cement costs, and the owner of the home wanted the rocks delivered to another homesite so they could build their foundation. The team spent an hour or so loading rocks, big and small, into a truck so it could be delivered. Then, the team went to ACE Headquarters to get a cooking demonstration from Chef Shirley on fresh Jamaican cuisine. For those wondering, we tasted mango chutney and candied coconut bites. It was wonderful.

After, the team headed to the Infirmary. If you want to know about the Infirmary, ask a team member when we get back (it is too much to tell over the internet). Needless to say, it was a difficult afternoon. Team members were pushed out of their comfort zone, stretched in their faith, and everyone did an incredible job. Personally, I am so proud of how well everyone did ministering to the patients and loving them. It was a great afternoon for me as leader of this team.

Tonight, Pastor Omar from The Church on the Rock in Ocho Rios came to speak to the group. He is a wonderful communicator and everyone left filled with encouragement. Lastly, we are all enjoying some free time before hitting the bed for another day.

Thank you so much for following along with us on this journey. I say it everyday, but it means so much that you guys are supporting and praying for us. We will see you tomorrow!

In Him,

Logan Ellzey