Hey everyone!


So if you’re keeping up with this blog, you probably noticed that we did not have a post for yesterday. Sorry! The day got busy and got away from us, so we’ll update you on the past two days now.

Thursday was great! Instead of VBS, we began our day by taking the local infirmary patients of St. Mary on a field trip to the Strawberry Fields. Before heading out for the trip, I was trying to figure out what it would be like to be at the strawberry fields, and when we arrived it was basically a cute little hut/venue along the shore (I still haven’t figured out why it was called the strawberry fields?)! This trip was different for many of us, as it required stepping out of our comfort zones and spending the day with a friend from the infirmary that we were given. Each of us was paired up with a special needs friend to guide and assist throughout the day. On the field trip, we had lunch, made crafts, sang songs, and even had a mini “talent show” where we danced and praised the Lord. It was absolutely incredible to hear the prayers of the patients and see their unshakeable faith despite their conditions.

Today was our final day here in Jamaica with ACE. As a way of celebrating the work put into the week, we had a scheduled “off-day” where we went to a local beach for the day and rafted the river and swam in the ocean. We had a tasty lunch and enjoyed relaxation.

As we conclude the trip, we have had and will continue to have many opportunities to reflect on the ways that God has “shown up and shown out” this week, as Ely Odom said it best! We have been reminded that we serve an absolutely AWESOME God who hears our prayers (even the simple ones for overcast, cool weather while we paint a house) and answers them! We admire the work that ACE has put into this Jamaican community as they literally see needs around them and find a way to meet them. We are challenged to do this very thing at home. We want this trip to be more than a mountain-top experience. We want to carry with us what God has taught us and ask the Lord to open our eyes to specific opportunities that He can use us to help meet the needs of others. In doing so, we challenge you to get involved, as well, while also holding us accountable to obeying the Lord’s Great Commission that He has given us, as believers. Jesus is real. Jesus is so good and He saves and provides!! We have seen His provision and faithfulness and pray that He will continue to teach us and reveal Himself.

Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed for our team and supported us along the way! Please continue to pray for safe travel home and that we will get rest so that we may be energized. We love each of you and are thankful for you!


Much love,


Maegan Ellzey