Good News! We have made it through with minor sunburns and big smiles! We have had an unbelievable time so far, and God is working in incredible ways.

Day 2 Quiet Time was 1 Peter 2:13-25. In it, Peter speaks about submission to authority and doing good in all situations. Some questions to ask yourselves about this passage:

  1. What part of the Gospel is found in this passage? Which verse/verses?
  2. How does the story of Christ’s death (verses 21-24) help us obey the command in verse 18?

These are some of the questions our students are tackling this week, so I encourage you to ask them about these things when they come back home! With your help, the knowledge and experiences of this week can continue even after it’s over!

As far as how the days have gone, we had a very in-depth talk for Session 2. We tackled practical ways to live our lives for God, and what hinders us from doing so. We also took a detour into tithing, and how it applies to them (meaning minors who mostly don’t have jobs). I encouraged them to ask their parents how they tithe, and what that looks like in each family (so this is your heads up!).

Afterwards, we went to the beach to watch fireworks, and ended up in a beach party put on by another group. I was infinitely surprised to see many of our guys (including Ely Odom) dancing out in the mix with our girls. It was awesome. All was good until we were encouraged to leave by leaders of said group, due to our group crowd-surfing Carter Martin. While this was going on, Lane Martin learned to do a back-flip (ask him about it, he would love to tell you all about it).

Wednesday has been pretty much a continuation of Tuesday. We took Snuffiluffigus the Flamingo out to the beach, and utilized the GaGa Ball court next to our dorms. We will wrap up tonight, and we are pumped to head on our Mystery Trip tomorrow!

We have loved having your kids with us on this trip. We feel like God is working in incredible ways with your students, and we hope they are having fun as well. As always, feel free to check in with us if you have any questions or concerns.