FBC History

Some History of FBC


Madison County in Mississippi was established on January 28, 1828.  Canton (in the center of the county) was chosen as the county seat on March 27, 1834.

The Baptist church of Canton was organized by Reverend John W. Buie in November of 1843.  The founding men were M. M. Bass, L. B. Henry, C. P. Wadlington, W. H. Wadlington, and Rev. Joseph Sorsby.  The founding women were Mary Bass, Lucy Dinkins, Louise Henry, Mary Jane Muse, Lucinda Slaughter, Margaret Sorsby, Margaret Wadlington, and Mary Wadlington.

FBC built a building in which to worship and meet in 1843 - replaced in 1852 - and finally replaced in 1918.  Because of its growth and need for more space to work and study, the church build an elementary building in 1951, an educational building in 1960, and the Family Life Center in 1980.

Countless lives have been touched and blessed through the life and ministry of the First Family.  We share a rich heritage, a meaningful present, and a limitless future.

We invite you to be part of what God is doing.